The Branding Power of Color

Color association can be a useful marketing tool if you wish to convey an emotional visual connection. When you utilize the right color, you communicate to your audience who you are, what you represent and how you feel about them

Writing Your Own Gettysburg Address

Seven score and ten years ago, Abraham Lincoln uttered ten sentences at the site of the Gettysburg battlefield. Lincoln, who was feeling weak and ill at the time, agreed to give “a few appropriate remarks” before the main address. His brief speech reshaped the rhetoric of our country, solidified the Union’s stance and serves, to this day, as a reminder to the nation about its foundational ideas.

Being Realistic is the Worst Thing You Can Do for Your Company

You are a person with creative means, so know two things: You are not alone in your desire for creating something remarkable, and we are counting on you. Do not accept circumstances as reality. Circumstances are fleeting.

Confessions of a Tattooed Marketing Professional

One of the first negative responses I received about my tattoos happened when I was at Missouri State University. I was walking back to my dorm room when a woman threw (literally) a paperback of the New Testament at me. She told me my tattoos were a ticket to Hell. I thought, “You know me because I have tattoos?”

I Led My Company Astray. And Was Rewarded for It

Even before I started working here, KolbeCo was a company that strayed away from a need to conform. But what they didn’t know after I started is that I would redefine the word “stray.” And that this new definition would have a huge impact on the company culture.

Lunch and Learn with Jeremy Nulik: How to Get Your Name in the News

Business owners and entrepreneurs frustrated with the lack of attention they receive from the media. Press releases don’t get placed. Calls to editors are not returned. And you see your competitors getting all of the attention. You feel like you…

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Top Four Ways to Kill a Pitch

In an unofficial survey of local editors, I found they deleted, on average, a total of 60 emails each day without reading them. Most of them with a headline such as this: MEDIA ALERT: RDC 10 to Replace Rival GTR…

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Rousing Passions & Talents Leads to Five Years of Success

Working for a dog-friendly company definitely has its advantages. I mean how many people can say they get to bring their dogs to work daily. (Luckily I do). But another joy to working in an environment surrounded by dogs, is…

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5 Things to Never Say to a Reporter

In the rating of the least respected jobs, journalists generally come in right behind lawyer and actor. Reporters who have spent more than one month trying to cover stories will be acutely aware of this. Not because they look at…

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How Little Brands Can Make a Bigger Impact than Large Brands

Big brands have a lot of money and marketing horsepower behind them – which they use to make an impact through large advertising campaigns and high-profile sponsorships. Think of brands that buy full-page ads in multiple daily national papers, run…

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