For All Who Said They Were Gonna Be “Facebook Free in 2015” (And Failed – Publicly)

Facebook can be a great place to catch up with friends and share news about your life. Before you take that Facebook vacation (that will never really happen), think about how you use Facebook and what you look to get out of it. If you’re not happy with what you see, change it.

Social Media: 6 Hidden Pinterest Gems

When you first hear Pinterest, I can almost guarantee I know what pops into your mind. Wedding planning, recipes, fashion and home decor. Am I right? Well then, you’re not using Pinterest for everything this social media platform has to offer.

These Four Clickbait Principles Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Clickbait – aka “what pageviews are made of” – has become less a trend and more business-as-usual for headline writing both on and off of social media. But what is the cost to your content or the authenticity of your words? In the second part of our series, The Debate on Clickbait, Scott Kolbe takes on the effect of clickbait on marketing.

EPIC: What Journalists Don’t Want You to Know About Clickbait

Clickbait – aka “what pageviews are made of” – has become less of a trend and moreso business-as-usual for headline writing both on and off of social media. But what is the cost to your content? Creativity? Award-winning journalist David Sheets takes on part one of our two-part series, The Debate on Clickbait.

But Social Media Just Doesn’t Work for My Business

Working for a domestic violence shelter was a learning experience; not just for myself as a social media and PR intern, but for the shelter as well. Lydia’s House is the only program in the St. Louis area providing confidentially…

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4 Questions Before you Spend Five Bucks

How to Effectively use Promoted Posts on Facebook As the resident social media dude, it is my responsibility to devise social strategies that will spark conversations and ignite brands. This is accomplished by carefully examining every aspect of the overall…

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The Anti-Template for Social Media Success

I live my life according to George Costanza – always have, always will. I have a strong affinity for quality architecture, obese wallets and the occasional éclair bar. Also, just like George, I believe in bucking social trends such as…

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Social Media Helps Find a Lake St. Louis Dog

Question: So what happens when you have a culture at KolbeCo that really embraces helping dogs in need? Answer: People ask for help when their dogs are lost. A friend of ours called Saturday afternoon, very worried because his son…

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Wasted Space

It always amazes me that many of us don’t utilize the space we are given when setting up our images on our Facebook pages,

Procrastination Has a New Name: Pinterest

Recently I’ve been pretty obsessed with Pinterest.