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Proactive Public Relations

Kolbeco was recently brought in to help a well-known St. Louis company manage a public relations crisis; the event had garnered regional media attention. Our client’s policy was to not comment during an event, but rather to provide a statement afterwards. The nature of the client’s business includes families who are facing a difficult and…
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Product Review Online – Marketing Perspective

So how much influence do online reviews have on product purchase decisions. Today quite a bit. A product can succeed or flop based on the reviews. However, can you manipulate the results with reviews. My feeling is yes and no. If you start posting glowing reviews of your product, customers can read right through it. Honest…
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Social Media Slowing Down

I was speaking with a person that I serve on a non-profit board with. Their comment was that Facebook was losing steam. I am not sure I am seeing that. Every PR trade publication, keeps mentioning social media and how important it is to the marketing mix. I am sure for new users the excitement wears off. But ultimately, this is a tool that will be used for the forseeable future.

Where are we going?

It’s always interesting to watch the trades and industry bloggers talking about the future of the PR industry, of newspapers, of journalism … well, of just about everything. What do we see at KolbeCo? Here are our thoughts on a few things that have been widely discussed over the last few months.

PR and SEO … For almost five years (maybe more), KolbeCo has been talking to clients about the integration of PR and SEO. Why? Because early on, we started treating the web as a media outlet. It is, of course, a different type of media than traditional print and broadcast outlets, and we recognized that. It became clear years ago that if we planned appropriately, had a solid strategy, and did it right, we had the power, through PR in a new medium, to impact search. Back then it was forum leaders, influential forum participants, a few bloggers, and a few online press release sites.