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How Far Can You Push Your Creative?

How far could our creative team go to give people a chuckle? How far would the client be willing to go?

Kolbeco’s 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

With a New Year upon, now is the time we all traditionally make resolutions for the next year. What do we want to do differently in 2015? How do we see ourselves changing? Where do we want to work on improvement? After thinking through these questions, here are our resolutions for 2015.

Make Everyone Feel Important: What We Learned from Virginia Kerr

Some big changes happened in 2014 regarding St. Louis media. And one of the biggest moves that we know will affect us here at Kolbeco is Virginia Kerr’s decision to leave Great Day St. Louis. Over the past years, we have gotten to know Virginia as more than an excellent journalist. It turns out the…
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The Best Ads of 2014

In the Golden Age of advertising, you could simply stress the benefits and features of a product to get a sale. In today’s modern advertising world, it’s important to appeal to the customer in some way to get their attention, whether that is humor, emotion, shock and awe or by humanizing the brand. All of the ads the KolbeCo team have chosen create a narrative that compels you to feel something; they all have a bigger purpose than sales.

4 Ways to Piss Off the Media

For all of the criticism of the media (and media should be criticized), there is no reward when they perfectly deliver a story – that is just the expectation. Don’t do these things unless you want to piss off the media.

3 Ways the Good Ol’ Days of PR are Gone

We all grew up listening to our parents and grandparents talk about how things were “back in the day.” You know, those stories where they walked to school uphill in the snow, both ways. I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but I’m finding myself using this phrase a lot lately. It’s hard for the…
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3 Ways to Control Your Email Marketing Destiny

So many factors contribute to the success of email marketing campaigns. Some are not in your control, but here are some secrets to help you maximize the effectiveness of the things you can control.

Want to Achieve Big Web Results? Start Small.

How are a majority of customers viewing your website? That led to other questions: what percentage of customers will be viewing the website on an iPhone, or an iPad for that matter? 50 percent? Or is it more like 80 percent? In a growing number of cases, it might actually make more sense to be starting small and going big, as opposed to the opposite many of us have been trained to do

Social Media: 6 Hidden Pinterest Gems

When you first hear Pinterest, I can almost guarantee I know what pops into your mind. Wedding planning, recipes, fashion and home decor. Am I right? Well then, you’re not using Pinterest for everything this social media platform has to offer.

But the Phone is Not Ringing

Pageviews are sales leads. There is a human on the other side of that click, and your ability to engage that person in a meaningful way is the full measure the success of your marketing efforts. They may not pick up the phone and call, but they did not wonder onto your site without some degree of interest.