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Readability: Writing for a wider audience

Readability wasn’t a word that was thrown around much back in my creative writing department at college, but if you asked I probably would have said I was pretty good at it. My professors and classmates liked my writing, what more was there to it? However, once I switched from writing stories to writing articles,…
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How Erica Got Her Groove Back

It happens to all of us at some point. We get in a funk, whether it be an emotional, physical, mental or work related, these funks are bound to happen at some point. Our friend Dan Duffy recently wrote a Huffington Post article about his case of writers block that lasted him nearly 6 months.…
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5 Ways to be Discovered

I was in an unfamiliar city in a historic building, exploring the space with a reporter I’d only emailed and communicated with over the phone. As we reached yet another floor, our elevator opened to a darkened space. Rows of abandoned desks were visible. A space that I can imagine was once alive with so…
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