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Back to School: Teachers Who Inspired Us

At KolbeCo, we consider ourselves to be constant learners – always remaining open to new ideas and methods. It has been a key part of our success. Here is our personal tribute to the teachers who have inspired us.

Your Best Marketing Has Nothing to do with Marketing

Our first meeting started with “I really don’t understand marketing, or what you do. I’m here because others are telling me I need to ramp up my efforts. I’m not even sure I need to be doing this.”

Teamwork makes the dream work

I’ve only been a member of the Kolbeco Crew for about two months (You might wanna check with Erin Celuch to see if it’s official) and they’ve already let me in on ALL their secrets. I’m not talking about how Scott Kolbe keeps his boyish good looks. No, I’m talking about our secrets to success.…
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A brand is more than a stereotype

We recently met with a prospective client that was referred to us by one of St. Louis area’s talk radio stations. We are always appreciative of the recommendation and referral. So why were we referred? They were looking for a new direction that was creative but was also thinking about the brand strategy. The problem…
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