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Scott Kolbe Promotes and Rides Bike MS

For the past 4 years, Scott Kolbe has raised money and participated on multiple teams in the Bike MS. This year, Scott is a part of Big River’s Team Multiple Sharkosis. The Bike MS is an annual 150-mile bicycle ride through Illinois that helps raise funds to fight multiple sclerosis. And, this past Tuesday, Scott got…
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Taking on the Impossible

Crossing an ocean to discover new lands. Putting a man on the moon. These are among the ideas, the dreams, that once seemed impossible to many. I can relate to this because I, too, have had ideas and goals that many have a hard time understanding.

These Four Clickbait Principles Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Clickbait – aka “what pageviews are made of” – has become less a trend and more business-as-usual for headline writing both on and off of social media. But what is the cost to your content or the authenticity of your words? In the second part of our series, The Debate on Clickbait, Scott Kolbe takes on the effect of clickbait on marketing.