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I Thought I Wasn’t THAT Attached to My Phone…

Just a few weeks ago I wrote a blog about putting your phone down and being present. Here I am, thinking that I’m not that attached to my phone or social media. That was until my phone broke and I went 3 days without a cell phone. It was such a traumatic experience for me that…
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The 1 Thing That Will Ensure You Never Miss Out

The answer? Turn off your bleepin’ phone. Be present. It’s as simple as that, your life will instantly be more enjoyable. Social media can be great and wonderful, especially when it comes to your business. I’ve seen how successful clients have been with their social media accounts with consistency, posting quality content, being REAL, and…
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Madame Skrivan’s 2016 Social Media Predictions

You might not know this about me, but I am a bit of a fortune teller. I can see into the future and predict what will happen. Not really, but that would be an amazing talent to have. I would have avoided some very embarrassing moments over the years if I could indeed predict the future.…
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The Disaster That Never Was, Re-imagined for the Social Media Age

It was a day to remember. Many government offices were closed. People skipped work and kept their kids home from school. My mother sat me down the night before and told me that if we somehow got separated on that day, I should stay where I was until she could reach me. Was it a…
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Can My Business Survive Without Being Online?

I never thought I’d say this, but I love teaching. When I’m in front of a room of professionals or students, I’m surrounded by people hungry to expose themselves to something new. That intellectual curiosity is inspiring, so I rarely turn down a request to give a presentation. My favorite moments are when I get…
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For All Who Said They Were Gonna Be “Facebook Free in 2015” (And Failed – Publicly)

Facebook can be a great place to catch up with friends and share news about your life. Before you take that Facebook vacation (that will never really happen), think about how you use Facebook and what you look to get out of it. If you’re not happy with what you see, change it.

Social Media: 6 Hidden Pinterest Gems

When you first hear Pinterest, I can almost guarantee I know what pops into your mind. Wedding planning, recipes, fashion and home decor. Am I right? Well then, you’re not using Pinterest for everything this social media platform has to offer.

These Four Clickbait Principles Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Clickbait – aka “what pageviews are made of” – has become less a trend and more business-as-usual for headline writing both on and off of social media. But what is the cost to your content or the authenticity of your words? In the second part of our series, The Debate on Clickbait, Scott Kolbe takes on the effect of clickbait on marketing.

EPIC: What Journalists Don’t Want You to Know About Clickbait

Clickbait – aka “what pageviews are made of” – has become less of a trend and moreso business-as-usual for headline writing both on and off of social media. But what is the cost to your content? Creativity? Award-winning journalist David Sheets takes on part one of our two-part series, The Debate on Clickbait.

Generating Leads With Twitter

A common question I field from either clients or perspective clients is: “How can we mine leads through social media?” While social media marketing is often filled with trivial metrics such as “Likes” & “Follows” there is one metric that does matter: leads! If you aren’t increasing brand awareness, extending your reach and increasing sales,…
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