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Website Design: Do we REALLY Need a Wireframe?

Recently, during a prospect meeting while reviewing our 6 phase process for website projects, the prospect commented: Prospect: “Can’t we just skip all this and just build the site?” Me: “Well…we can, but we won’t.” One of those steps in the process is the creation and development of the wireframe. “What’s a wireframe?” you ask. Good question!…
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Error 404: Sorry You Can’t Find What You’re Looking For

We have all relied on that familiar GPS voice to guide us, turn by turn to our destination. But what happens when that same anonymous voice deceives you? In my car, it usually goes something like this: Turn right. –Where? Turn right. –There’s no road. Recalculating… –There’s still no road. Recalculating… Make a u-turn. –Where…
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