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Meet Kolbeco’s official Board of Dogrectors! We’re not just a passive, dog-friendly environment here at Kolbeco. Oh no – our dogs play a role in promoting goodwill towards stray and unwanted animals in the community. All members of the Board are rescue dogs, coming either from a local shelter or one of the great rescue organizations here in St. Louis.

Kolbeco has gained notoriety for our Board of Dogrectors and their activities, which have been featured in Redbook, KTVI Fox 2 News, and KMOX Radio. In addition, Kolbeco was recently named among the country’s top dog friendly workplaces, and in 2012, the late Kiener Joaquin Celuch was named Agency Post’s Agency Dog of the Year.

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I love coming to Kolbeco every day to see all of my favorite people and friends! From my very first day, I was warmly welcomed and accepted into the pack. Some of my favorite things to do at work are lay across the hallway demanding belly rubs of those trying to pass through, and visiting my coworkers. Every evening I have to be forcefully removed from the office as it is my favorite place. I cannot recommend Kolbeco enough, especially to new puppies who like to play.
Mr. Lewis Goldenweiner
Assistant Director of Intruder Alarms
Hi! I'm Clarke! Kolbeco is my favorite! Everyone there is my favorite! Lauren is my most favoritest favorite, and I love being held up high so I may be tall and see more people to greet! Joining client meetings are my favorite, so you should visit!
Morale Booster
Managing all the dogs and people who come through Kolbeco is a big job, and one I take very lightly! My services are available for the reasonable price of literally any amount of treats or petting, although it would probably help if you get in contact with my humans as well.
Grimm T. Celuch
Head of HR