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writing seo
May 1, 2019
Writing for SEO
Having great content has always been an essential cornerstone of marketing, and as the industry has changed, that has not. However, when it co...
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October 3, 2018
Are taglines dead? Part Two
Previously on “What I read on the internet”, I wrote about an article I read discussing whether or not taglines still have relevancy. This mad...
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tagline vs campaign
August 10, 2018
Are taglines dead???
Here is a little-known fact about me. I’m a tagline junkie. I love them. I secretly love coming up with them. Sometimes they just fly out of m...
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image matters
March 15, 2018
Your Image Matters, Literally.
Recently, my husband and I started house hunting. Where did we start looking? Why, online of course. Funny thing is, online all you have to go...
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