Social Media can be an amazing tool for marketing. You can target exactly who you want. You can reach thousands of people for a few dollars. But you can also get lost in the circus of content that populates timelines. I have 3 tips on how you can stand out and find your niche in the “wild west” of social media marketing.

TIP 1. Understand the Platform.

Social Media is a very different form of marketing. Other marketing tactics are formal, uniform, and serious. Social Media is what I like to call, the “cooler” side of marketing. It’s like that teacher in college that used jokes, sports, and current events to help portray the bigger message he or she was intending to teach. No Power Point, no notes, and not much formality. Just a really fun and teachable conversation that got the lesson across the same (if not better) than a boring power point and worksheet. Social is very much the same. It’s a way of showing off that your company is staying current with trends, while also getting a bigger message out in a more fun and relaxed way.

TIP 2. “Social Personality.”

Advertising and Marketing can be fun when you are marketing Doritos or Pepsi. But how can a bank or insurance company be fun and personable? It’s all about finding what makes your company different and using that to help portray a bigger message. You have a story to tell about your company. How do you want your story portrayed? Be genuine, interact, and show some personality. This will help get your message out a lot better than a boring post will.

TIP 3. Be different.

Any business can post their products and services. As they should. But the businesses that do a bit more, have a lot better and more engaged audience. Not many want to follow a page that is just selling them stuff over and over. They do want to follow a page that they have an interest and similarity to. And there is a way to sell without selling!

“But TJ, my company isn’t very “sexy” for social media.”

Every company can find a niche! Not many people like the TSA at the airport. And it would be understandable for them to not have a huge social following. They are a bit annoying and a “not-so-sexy” organization. But that annoying “un-sexy” group has over 1 million followers on Instagram. How? As we know, the TSA has many strict rules while flying. As much as we hate hearing about them, we still need to know them and TSA needs to tell us them so there are less delays at the airport. So, they decided to post the most extreme items they confiscated and turned them into a teachable moment. I highly recommend checking the page out. Some items are absolutely crazy. But back to marketing. The idea is great and 1 million others can agree. So, if one of the most un-liked organizations can do it, you can too.

Social Media is still a mystery. People are trying to figure it out each day. The companies that take a bit of risk, understand the platform, show some personality, and try to be different, end up striking gold in the “Wild West” of social media marketing.

Social Media Manager