Content Marketing

How you show up to conversations dictates how your audience will respond to you and your brand – and Content Marketing is all about creating the right kinds of conversations in the right places to engage the right people. Think of it as a party. Are you the engaging person with interesting stories, who is truly interested in others, who sees each person as valuable and important, and who makes people want to seek you out next time? These are the people who typically attract a crowd, and that is the goal of Content Marketing.

Building on each client’s brand story, Kolbeco creates a strategic plan for the creation and distribution of content through a variety of channels – many are online, and many are traditional media channels.

Editorial Calendar, Content Planning

To get to where you’re going, you need a roadmap. That’s exactly what Kolbeco’s Editorial Calendar and Content Planning process produces. We’ll scan all the open opportunities – online and offline – that are a fit for your overall strategy. The result is a matrix of all of those opportunities, including anticipated pitch dates, preliminary angles, additional distribution opportunities, and resources needed to execute each piece of content marketing.

The beauty then lies in the execution. Whether it’s a pitch to a more traditional media outlet, or an original piece of content to be created, Kolbeco will keep things on schedule and monitor the progress of the campaign, making adjustments as needed along the way.


When we mention blogging to clients, their first reaction tends to be “I don’t have anything to blog about.” That couldn’t be further from the truth. Through discovering your why and finding your story, blog topics reveal themselves. Think about it: everyone has tips and insights about their industry, product or service, stories of your proudest moments, things happening with your teams. Trust me – you have lots to blog about!

But we know that sitting down to that blank screen can be daunting. That’s why Kolbeco will create a blogging plan for you, and even write your blogs in your own voice that’s reflective of your brand.

There value of blogging is immense. You’re creating great original content that’s engaging, that teaches your audience something, and maybe entertaining them along the way. You’re starting conversations and engaging your audience – and being that fun person at the party. Yet there’s so much more. Blogs give us content to pitch to traditional and online media outlets. They provide valuable pages for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. And they leave your audience wanting to share your content with others and come back for more. Through blogging, you can begin to create brand ambassadors. So don’t be shy. Let’s blog away together.

content marketing

Social Media

To many in business, there’s a pressure and a perceived need to be “on” social media. But when you break it down, what does social media really mean? Newsflash … it’s about being SOCIAL! So how can you prioritize and leverage the various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and all the others into a meaningful campaign that’s manageable and creates engagement? It all starts with strategy, and determining why you want to be on social media, what your message is, where your audience is – and when. KolbeCo will help you leverage your content, your thought leadership in a way that’s engaging for social media. From there, we can manage and monitor the campaigns on your behalf, or provide training and guidance for your in-house team to execute, allowing you to go forth and be social.

Video Production

What better way to tell your story in a way that’s visual, dynamic, and impactful that with video. It’s a way for you to personally connect with your audience, in your voice, and let them get to know you better. Your video could take shape in a variety of different ways –

  • Television Commercials
  • Explainer Videos
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Installation Instructions
  • Trade Show Videos
  • Ongoing Company or Industry Updates
  • And More

Kolbeco can manage everything from the creative concepting to the script, direction and production of your video. From there, we’ll determine the right mix of methods to distribute your video content through web, social media, email, and other appropriate channels.


Regular newsletters are a great way to collect your content and share it in one collective piece with your audience. Kolbeco will craft your email strategy, monitoring results along the way (including click-though rates, conversion rates, shares, and more, all while monitoring trends in terms of what content gets the best engagement, what times of day are most successful, etc.) to maximize your results. While most newsletters are distributed via email today, there are also occasions where you may want a specially printed piece, or have a need to distribute an annual report or update via hard copy to your supporters. Our team of writers and designers can take care of that too!