Creative and Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the visual embodiment of your brand. Done well, it tells a story about you, gives you audience indicators of what you stand for and who you are, and creates an emotional response – all before a single word is ever revealed. Because your design is, in essence, an unveiling of who you are, all elements of design must be in line with your brand. Do we consider what’s trendy, and what’s hot today? Sure, but we go much deeper than that. We create design that works for you, “feels” like you, and conveys an authentic message to your audience. Bottom line: Kolbeco’s graphic design process is about collaboration with you, and crafting a look that makes you feel confident. We’ll show you options, then work with you to massage, combine, and finalize it into something that will make you fall back in love with who you truly are.


When it comes to brochures, there are many types, shapes, and sizes to consider. It can be a big world with nearly limitless options – a world that Kolbeco can help you confidently navigate. At the start of each brochure project, we consider the purpose and budget to determine what form your brochure should take. It could be a self mailer. It could be a simple insert or rack card. Or it could be something with a unique shape, folded to uncover your message at each turn, sized to stand out in a pile on your prospect’s desk. Your brand and messaging leads the design for the creation of a piece that will help move your business forward.

Direct Mail

Direct mail remains a powerful tool to reach very targeted audiences with very specific messages. Kolbeco will assess your overall goals and budget to create direct mail options that will compliment your overall marketing campaign and provide a powerful call to action to the people you want engaging with your brand.

Print Ads and Digital Marketing Ads

Whether the goal of your ad campaign is branding, direct response, promotion of a sale or special offer, or to drive traffic to an event, Kolbeco will develop messaging and ad design that will impact and inspire the audience to action. We work with the media outlets to ensure that our designs will be highly visible in their publications, or on their sites. Kolbeco’s graphic design, married with our solid advertising strategy and media partnerships put your brand story at the forefront.

Outdoor, Billboards, Signage and Banners

You’ve got just a few seconds. Your audience could be hundreds of feet (or even yards) away. What’s going to capture their attention? Kolbeco will create a strategy to determine what type of billboards, signage, and on-site displays are appropriate for your brand, then carefully select the right locations and materials, develop that quick-hit messaging, and design each piece to appropriately showcase your brand.


The right photos can make or break a design. That’s why we view photography as a way to enhance your brand even further through its ability to serve as your visual storyteller. Kolbeco can direct this process a number of different ways depending on your needs and budget:

  • Stock Photography – available for a wide variety of budgets from small to large
  • Professional Photography – shot on-location to produce a quantity of photos
  • Specialized Photography – shot in-studio or on-location for cases where we need high end product shots or custom staged settings
TV and Radio Commercials

Kolbeco’s suite of creative services includes the production of television and radio commercials to broadcast your brand. We’ll start with creative concepting, and then write the scripts and develop the storyboards to showcase your story. Your commercials can be filmed on-location, or in a studio. Our team of editors will compile the footage into a spot for your approval, and deliver it to the appropriate stations. For radio, your spots may be recorded by talent or a radio personality that best aligns with your brand, or we may determine that you are the best spokesperson for your brand. In that case, you’ll record your spot in a studio, guided by Kolbeco, and our producers will add sound effects, music, and any other finishing touches that may be appropriate.