Marketing means many things to different people. Yet traced back to its core, marketing is about creating all of the strategy around your product and service, ensuring you have a product that people want, priced appropriately, with the right distribution, and promoted well to the right audiences. Marketing is your home base. Let Kolbeco help you build your strategy and execute all of the pieces.

Integrated Campaigns

The best marketing involves a mix of tactics, seamlessly tied together to tell your brand story with one voice and designed to connect with your audience in a variety of ways at a variety of times. Kolbeco will help you not only determine what those tactics, and what that plan should be, but also customize messaging so that it’s appropriate for each tactic and channel we pursue on your behalf.

Product Launches

Kolbeco has a longstanding history of successful product launches. We’ll dig into your industry, help determine who the buyers and influencers are, where they are, what they’re likely to respond to, and create a strategy for the build-up period, the launch, and just as importantly, the post-launch to keep excitement going. Product launches can involve a variety of efforts, including online strategy, blogger outreach, social media, video, advertising, media pitching, trade shows, product demos, price testing and the testing of special offers, and more. While it all depends on the product, the audience, and the budget, Kolbeco can craft and execute a plan to help make your product launch a success.

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At Kolbeco, we believe the creation of your paid advertising campaigns has much more to do with sterile numbers. Rather, we believe in building media partnerships (<

  • TV Advertising
  • Radio Commercials (Over-The-Air, Streaming, etc.)
  • Outdoor (billboards, signage, banners)
  • Print Advertising
  • Online Advertising (AdWords, Audience Targeting, etc)

Kolbeco will create the strategy, negotiate on your behalf with the appropriate outlets, and develop all of the creative needed to execute your campaign, including video/audio production for television and radio commercials, acquisition of talent as needed, graphic design for print, outdoor and web.

Email Marketing

A strategic email marketing campaign can serve many purposes, including the distribution of your content, notifying your audience of sales and special offers, and building a longterm relationship with your audience at all stages in the sales process. Have a lead that you’d like to turn into a customer? A carefully crafted email campaign can help solidify that relationship, building trust and educating your prospect along the way. Want to communicate customized messages to the different segments of your customer base? A well designed email strategy can help determine the message and frequency by which to contact them. Kolbeco can help from start to finish, with strategy development, creative design, content writing, execution, monitoring and reporting.