Web Development

Before we ever put pen to paper or click a mouse, our website development process begins with strategy. Kolbeco’s formalized web strategy session involves discovery – learning about goals, audience, what purpose we want and need the site to fulfill, how we’re going to drive visitors, what assets we currently have and what we’ll need to create, and more. We believe that by digging deep on the front end, we’ll uncover what the true needs are and not guessing when we get to web development. This creates a more successful process and effective end product with no surprises. And of course, a website that will give you the online presence to elevate your brand and drive business.

Web Design & Development

The design process begins with a blueprint that both developers and graphic artists have a hand in creating. This blueprint serves as the guide for design, user experience, functionality, and web development moving forward – very much like plans for a new home would guide its construction, selection of materials, layout and colors. Kolbeco designers and developers will bring that blueprint to life, incorporating design to express your brand and give users and experience that will connect them with your brand and lead them to building a relationship with you.

web development

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone wants the top spot on Google, but how do you get there? Search engine optimization (SEO) is a constantly changing environment, and one that must be monitored and nurtured on a regular basis. There are many factors that contribute to a well optimized site, from the relevance, frequency and value of the content you include, to things like being mobile-friendly and building quality back-links to your site. Regardless, SEO is a process, and includes strategies and tactics around:

  • Copywriting: We’ll review Google Analytics to help optimize copy to better utilize the appropriate keywords.
  • Content Creation: Kolbeco will develop a content strategy for your brand, creating an editorial calendar (along with your brand’s editorial standards) to guide content such as blog posts, news items, videos, podcasts, and more. This is content we can create for you, or that your team can tackle on your own.
  • Social Media: One of the top reasons people follow brands on social media is: Great Content. That’s why we leverage it as a channel to distribute your content, demonstrate your thought leadership, and build links back to your website.
  • AdWords Campaigns: A Pay-Per-Click, or PPC campaign can help boost visibility in search and drive traffic to your website as your brand is put front and center to an audience of customers actively searching for what you have to offer, and are close (or ready) to make a purchase decision.
  • PR: We’ve learned time and again that one of the best ways to drive traffic to a website is through PR, both online and offline. When an outlet runs a story on your, chances are it will also live online – in many cases, with links to your website. And if not, a highly regarded outlet will be highly ranked in search, giving your audience a chance to find you there!
Website Analytics

Your website stats don’t have to be a secret, yet many people don’t realize that it’s available – and best of all, it’s free! That’s right, Google Analytics is a free and valuable resource in monitoring traffic, users and keywords. Regular monitoring helps us better target your audience and even give us insight into how best spend your marketing and PR dollars. It also helps us to continue to enhance your website in an educated and data-driven way by tracking traffic patterns, conversion rates, most exited page, and more. Finally, monitoring analytics allows us to track the effectiveness of offline efforts such as branding (if your name is frequently searched), print or email campaign (if special landing pages are incorporated). There’s a world of data out there about your site that we can’t wait to dig into!