Who We Are

Kolbeco is a curious and creative group of people who work together in a hamlet near St. Louis, Missouri. Since we are marketing and communications strategists, our talents and attitudes vary greatly. No one of us is similar to the other. What brings us together is a belief: a powerful story has the ability to create confidence and shine for brands – that includes the people and the processes that hold brands together.

So dig in. Take your time and get to know us.

What is a Brand Media Company?

During the Mad Men era of marketing, the world of communication was simple. You crafted a message and purchased access to your targeted audience. If you want to reach more people, buy more advertising. But that is not the way the world works now. And, looking back, it never really did work that way.

Here is what works: creating an emotional, human connection with your audience.

Every day, you are telling your audience a story – whether you accept this or not does not stop it from being true. So what would happen if you harnessed the power of you storytelling?

That is where the term, Brand Media Company, comes in. A Brand Media Company creates for you the platform, voice and tools for standing up for who you really are. We help you serve your audience in a way that increases your confidence and shine.

Step 1:
Most people are used to others not listening to them. We have become so busy with our day-in, day-out lives that we have not taken the time to slow down, gather stories and reflect. Kolbeco starts with listening to you, your story, your brand. We actively receive everything about your brand.
Step 2:
After listening, we reflect on everything we heard – in all forms. We think about what was not said, what may be missing and who you are at your essence. We may go back to you and make sure we heard you right.
Step 3:
This is where the magic begins. We find the thread – the theme that holds together the story. We see the creative force behind you and where it meets with your vision. You should not be afraid if what we see is an entirely different animal than what you thought your brand was – this is common.
Step 4:
Once the theme is evident, the supporting points of your story, the characters involved and the communications planning becomes an organic next step. Since we are naturally strategic thinkers, we construct a strategy around you that will help you articulate this powerful story over and over again to your audience. That strategy can involve anything from websites and social media to public relations and content development. But no matter what it is, we have the communications platform that will make your brand shine.
Step 5:
Storytelling is an organic process. And each day brings your brand new stories – new ways your brand has stood up and acted in a powerful way with its audience. So we take everything through our process. Listening, reflecting, assembling and creating a more engaging and successful you.