Culture: It’s at the Heart of All We Do at Kolbeco

What does good office culture look like to you? If it means superficial things like dart boards, bean bags, and a keg behind the bar, then we’ve got a story for you…

Several years ago, Kolbeco embarked on an adventure to define our culture. We dug in deep and extensively pondered why we matter to each other and to our clients. We considered how we could build true teamwork internally and externally, inviting cooperation, respect and more open communication. We gained that true understanding and began building the framework to make it a reality. This touches every piece of our business, and became the fundamentals of who we are, what we believe, and what you can expect in your relationship with Kolbeco.

The Kolbeco Mission

Kolbeco is a catalyst for confidence and shine.

This means that we are in active pursuit of encouraging all to be wildly successful, supporting all with the tools, knowledge, and relationships to shine in their industries, personally and professionally.

Kolbeco Values
  1. Be Cause Oriented … in every moment and every interaction
  2. Build “Shine” in Yourself and Others … through embracing individual strengths, personal responsibility and leadership
  3. Create Excitement through Celebrating Success … in the experience and final outcome
  4. Be an Explorer … seek out new ideas with a can-do attitude, embracing each experience as a learning opportunity
  5. Be Willing to Ask for and Receive Support … inviting teamwork and leveraging the strengths of the team
  6. Accept and Celebrate Yourself and Others … fully, with no judgment or punishment for mistakes
  7. Place Purpose and Values Above What It Looks Like to Others … because we’re so aligned with our mission and values it doesn’t matter if others don’t get it. We get it.