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The 490 Factor from Kolbeco

A People-Focused Approach to Marketing

Kolbeco approaches our work with clients through a proprietary lens we call the 490 factor.

We build your marketing program like an ecosystem, where each component of the plan works together to deliver outcomes. We work with you to clearly define what success looks like, and develop a multi-channel, strategic plan for achieving it. Rather than deploying individual tactics working in silos, each component of our plans has a mutually beneficial relationship with the rest of your marketing ecosystem.

Kolbeco's 490 factor approach to marketing

The centerpiece of the 490 factor is relationships and trust. We approach your brand with empathy, curiosity, and passion to help you develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with your audience. We embrace your goals and make them our own. We work to understand who our clients are and what they represent in the markets they serve at a deep level.

The 490 factor ecosystem thrives on results and accountability. We don’t just do the work. We own, learn from, and optimize on the outcomes of our work. We’re not interested in presenting data that makes us look good. We report real data on the KPIs that matter, and develop transparent plans to maximize what’s working, find new opportunities, and identify and remove anything from the ecosystem that isn’t working.

Let’s write your success story together.

Kolbeco's 490 factor steps
Kolbeco's 490 factor step 1Kolbeco's 490 factor step 1

Communicating Your Identity

We help you dig deep and get to the heart of who you are and what sets you apart in your market. We use this process to develop tools to effectively tell your story.

Kolbeco's 490 factor step 2Kolbeco's 490 factor step 2

Growing Your Audience

We stay on top of the latest technology and techniques to get your story in front of new audiences, and drive deeper and more meaningful relationships with your customers.

Kolbeco's 490 factor step 3Kolbeco's 490 factor step 3

Delivering on the Promise

We work with you to create consistent, positive, and memorable experiences that live up to the promise of your marketing and create long-term brand loyalty.

Kolbeco's 490 factor step 4Kolbeco's 490 factor step 4

Learning and Adapting

We don’t just report data. We react to it. As our understanding of you and your audience evolves, so does our approach to communicating with them.

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