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As the centerpiece of our 490 factor approach to marketing, your brand is the lens we apply to every experience we create on your behalf.

Your entire identity starts with strategic branding. Some clients come to Kolbeco with a well-established brand that needs subtle refinement to better reflect who they are to the people they serve. Others have built their business on pure grit and determination to this point and have recognized that a comprehensive brand strategy is the key to reaching the next level. Kolbeco helps clients on all stages of the spectrum develop impactful and lasting brands.

Kolbeco’s Branding Agency Services


The discovery process is a unique and purposeful activity for helping business owners get below the surface of who they are and discover their identity and purpose. Not only does it uncover hidden truths for our clients, but it also helps the Kolbeco team come to understand you, your people, and your audience in the depth many marketing agencies don’t go to. We feel this process is critical to creating a successful marketing strategy, and it’s something we do with every new client.


Whether you’re looking to rebrand your existing company or launch a startup, Kolbeco has a naming process to deliver a memorable and protectable name that rolls off the tongue and represents you and what you stand for. We’ve helped iconic companies in a wide variety of industries, in St. Louis and beyond, arrive at a business name that’s served as the foundation for their company’s success.


Establishing a logo and visual identity can be one of the most impactful business and branding decisions you’ll ever make. An effective visual identity is as much a part of who you are as your mission statement. The combination of colors, fonts, icons, and graphics you use should conjure up a feeling and tell the story of your brand without any words. As part of our branding agency services, Kolbeco helps clients develop visual identity assets that tell the world “This is who we are, and what we stand for.”

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