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What is a brand? It’s a feeling. It’s the experience you give your audience each time they interact with you. It’s the stories they can tell about you, and the connection they make with you. At its core, a brand is about emotion. It’s that feeling that you can “Just Do It” by wearing a certain pair of running shoes. It’s the security of driving an automobile known for its safety. It’s the fun and freedom of flying an airline with rapping flight attendants. That’s the feeling and emotion we strive to create with your brand. Make that connection and build your business.


This is where all the magic begins. We love to ask people “what’s your story,” but it’s not always that simple. Sure, you know when you were founded, what your product or service is, and probably have some insight into your audience. But do you really know how to find your why? The Kolbeco team can guide you to it.


Kolbeco’s naming process involves the creation of a name for your company or product that’s memorable, protectable, and rolls off the tongue. We present families of names which embody different aspects of our discovery. We then refine, finesse, and mold the name into something that feels like it’s always been a part of you – something that will reflect your brand and your story.

Logo and Identity

Your logo and identity materials are the visual representation of your brand, every element from color and font choice to iconic and graphic elements carefully chosen to say something about you. It’s your face to the world that says “this is who I am.” It conjures up a feeling when you see it.

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