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Web Design and Development

Before we ever put pen to paper or click a mouse, our website development process begins with strategy. Kolbeco’s formalized web strategy session involves discovery – learning about goals, audience, what purpose we want and need the site to fulfill, how we’re going to drive visitors, what assets we currently have and what we’ll need to create, and more. We believe that by digging deep on the front end, we’ll uncover what the true needs are and not guessing when we get to development. This creates a more successful process and effective end product with no surprises. And of course, a website that will give you the online presence to elevate your brand and drive business.

Web Design

The web design process begins with a blueprint that both developers and graphic artists have a hand in creating. The blueprint serves as the guide for design, user experience, functionality, and development moving forward. This is very much like plans for a new home would guide its construction, selection of materials, layout and colors. Kolbeco designers bring that blueprint to life, incorporating design to express your brand. Web design isn’t just about branding though, it’s also about user experience. We design websites not only to connect customers with your brand, but lead them to building a relationship with you.

Web Development

Once we have the blueprint and design, we start on web development. Kolbeco uses WordPress for all of the websites we develop, which allows for greater flexibility to customize websites to fit your unique vision and brand. We work with you each step of the process to make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for. Once the website is launched, we manage your site so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

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