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Public Relations

Public relations involves a systematized, strategic approach that gains valuable media, online, and community attention for your business. At Kolbeco, we have a history of producing results for clients in outlets such as CNN, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and scores of other national and local media. Online, we create relationships with influencers that drives awareness for your brand, traffic to your website, and that captures the attention of traditional media.

Media Relations

Building relationships with key media starts with one thing – a good story. Kolbeco is adept at helping uncover and craft your story, digging deeply into what matters and what you envision as your impact. We marry this storytelling ability with the media relationships we’ve built over the years, which allows us to get your story in front of the right people and tell it in a way that matters to that media’s audience.

Crisis Communications

There are times when every organization faces challenging situations. In these circumstances, you need a carefully crafted strategy to communicate your story to the public. These are not times to hide from the media. These are opportunities to live true to your brand. Kolbeco has helped some of the area’s largest organizations through a variety of crises. We can help you manage these situations and feel confident.

Press Releases and Announcements

Popular to what many believe today, the press release isn’t dead. There are, however, different ways to leverage your press release and announcements, especially online. At Kolbeco, we’ve never been believers in the “spray and pray” method of blasting press releases to everyone and hoping something sticks. Rather, we craft a strategy for each announcement to be made to the media, and customize each pitch to media outlets. Journalists appreciate this approach, and recognize Kolbeco for consistently sending them relevant content, while clients experience a greater level of coverage.

Media Training

Before we put you in front of live cameras, behind a microphone, or across the table from a writer, our goal is to make sure you’re confident. That’s why we offer our clients media training as part of the campaign kickoff, helping them to boil down their answers into digestible and meaningful messages. We’ll give you tools to format your answers, and help you understand how to work with the media. Kolbeco’s media training services include a video-taped session designed to help you learn and feel more confident.

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