St. Louis PR Firm

Attention. It’s the real currency of business. Your company is doing amazing work every day, so why don’t more people know about it? PR plays a critical part in the 490 factor methodology we bring to clients, to get people talking about and with your company.

PR + Marketing

Our blended expertise in both marketing and PR sets Kolbeco apart in the firm and agency landscape. We don’t view them as independent disciplines, but as interwoven contributors to a successful communications plan. Separately, they can have an impact. But when they support each other as part of a larger communications plan, the impact can be exponential.

We’ve used our blended public relations and marketing approach to land and leverage client stories with outlets including Newsweek, CNN, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and scores of other national and local media.

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Influencer Marketing – PR in New Media

As media evolves, our approach to PR evolves with it. In addition to partnering with traditional journalists and media outlets, we’ve recognized the opportunity to identify and build relationships with digital storytellers and online influencers to drive brand awareness, web traffic, and lead generation among new audiences.

We’re leveraging the story development and pitching strategies we’ve honed with traditional media to carve out new opportunities for clients with online influencers.

What’s the 490 factor?