Targeted Digital Marketing

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when the blanket approach was the only way to advertise. Media outlets held the audience. You may have only needed to reach a portion of that audience, but you had to pay to reach all of them. Digital marketing has changed all of that and allows advertisers to target the specific people they want to reach.

Targeted digital marketing like dart arrow in the target

Bring More of the Right People to Your Website

The four principles of our 490 factor approach to marketing are Create, Drive, Experience, and Optimize. The Drive principle is about understanding your ideal customer and developing strategies to drive more people like them to your business. Kolbeco uses targeted digital marketing platforms like Google and Facebook to deliver hyper-targeted messages specifically to the types of people you want to reach.

In today’s digital marketing platforms, audience is one of the most critical (and often overlooked) factors in determining whether or not your ads will be successful. Kolbeco’s team of digital marketers understands how to leverage the audience building tools to isolate your precise target audience, and speak to them effectively.

Targeted Digital Marketing Delivers Metrics That Matter

In traditional advertising, impressions were the metric everyone focused on. Getting your ad seen by a million people was considered a win. But how many of those people are truly in your market? And how do you develop a message that effectively speaks to an audience that broad?

Achieving more impressions in digital marketing is as simple as increasing the budget. So it’s not really a useful metric anymore. Targeted digital marketing replaces impressions with metrics that actually indicate ad performance: traffic, leads, and conversions and the cost of earning each of those metrics.

If the data your marketing agency shows you always makes them look good, that’s probably a red flag. We look at data as opportunity. So when the data doesn’t reflect the outcomes we were aiming for, we react to it and refine our approach to optimize the performance of your targeted digital marketing campaigns.

What’s the 490 factor?