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Paid Digital Marketing

All of our web projects start with a solid strategy, but it’s no longer enough to build a great website. There are millions of sites out there, vying for your reader’s attention. You need to rank well organically (we can help with that too), but you also need to strategically seek out your audience and ensure that you’re getting seen by the right people, on the right platform, and at the right time. That’s where digital and online marketing comes in. It’s about promoting your brand online in ways that push growth, build awareness and ultimately drive results. Because you can have a great online presence, but that doesn’t mean anything if it’s not positively impacting your bottom line.

SEM and Social Media Marketing

When It comes to search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing, effective targeting is key. We start every project with a customer journey to identify your audiences, what they need, and the best way to connect with them – because even the best ad won’t succeed in front of the wrong audience.

While your campaigns are based on your audiences, they are driven by data and results. Paid ads are a process. We’ll continually monitor performance and optimize your budget with A/B testing, keyword adjustments, and message variations to make sure you’re getting the best ROI while filling your sales funnel from the top, all the way through conversions.

Email Marketing

A strategic email marketing campaign can serve many purposes, including the distribution of your content, notifying your audience of sales and special offers, and building a longterm relationship with your audience at all stages in the sales process. Have a lead that you’d like to turn into a customer? A carefully crafted email campaign can help solidify that relationship, building trust and educating your prospect along the way. Want to communicate customized messages to the different segments of your customer base? A well designed email strategy can help determine the message and frequency by which to contact them. Kolbeco can help from start to finish, with strategy development, creative design, content writing, execution, monitoring and reporting.


One million impressions. That’s great, right? Well, maybe. Maybe not. How many of those people made a purchase, signed up for your newsletter, or scheduled an appointment? We prefer to focus on measurable business goals. Sure, our web reports show impressions. But they also show conversions, your investment and (with your help) the impact your online marketing makes on your business’ bottom line.

We know those numbers won’t always won’t always look great, that’s just unrealistic. But you’ll get real data, not sugar-coated stats that make us look better. We all like to look good, but we prefer transparent marketing reports. Because transparency promotes trust, exposes opportunities, and strengthens strategies. And together, that builds your brand and moves the needle.

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