How Your Brand Influences Your Website

When I collaborate with clients to strategize and plan for their web development projects, I find that digging into the brand and messaging during the discovery session helps to lay a foundation for moving through the phases of the project more seamlessly. Keeping the focus on the message the client wants to send to their audience provides me with the crucial information that will produce a visitor experience, as opposed to a site with a lot of pages and no real purpose. At Kolbeco we aim to keep your brand at the forefront to enhance the website and bring a cohesive online marketing presence.

Here is how we use your brand to create a website that drives real results:


The design should be recognizable and fall inline with all other brand and marketing initiatives your audience is accustomed to seeing. Since we design and develop custom sites, we use this a baseline for how you typically represent your brand and organization to your audience.


The functionality of the site should invite your visitors to journey through a path that speaks to them and leads them to the information they seek quickly and effortlessly. By understanding how your brand typically interacts with your audience we can translate that into an online experience.


Making sure the appropriate language for your audience is used whether it’s a call-to-action, a description of your services or creation of informative content is key to that visitor interaction. It is important the content is structured to speak to your audience, so they easily self-identify, continue to browse the site and ultimately initiate contact.


Use of clear and understandable verbiage that explains what you do and who your services/products are intended for. Share success stories and relatable issues and how your organization helps to solve them. The stories should be compelling and interesting, not complicated.


Using the brand to reach your audience in the right place and in an effective manner. Understanding where your audience lives online and how to draw them in to achieve the right balance of awareness and curiosity that will drive them to action and click to view more.

Your website is about more that pages, images and content. By utilizing your brand effectively throughout all phases of your website design and development project an online experience is created that will result in greater brand awareness, connection and lead to better ROI results. If your brand is not well established, now is the time to invest in solidifying your messaging. Having a solid strategy for your how your organization is represented in all facets leads to better awareness and loyalty. Just look at how some the big brands do it, they live their brand every day and in all they do, which results in instant and unconscious recognition.