Category: Website Development

Aligning Visual Brand Identity with Reality 

Do you know the difference between brand image and brand identity? Most people use them interchangeably. But one refers to how your brand is perceived, and the other refers to how your brand is represented, a subtle but important difference. This blog will cover the differences between the two, common pitfalls in developing brand identity,…
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Website Homepage Design

Traditional or Out of the Box: how to balance grabbing attention versus losing your user  First impressions can make all the difference when the world is moving so fast, which is why homepage design is an especially critical piece when creating or refreshing your website. Chances are that you’ve landed on some poor websites, and you’re doing whatever you can to avoid your website…
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Balancing Gut Feelings Versus Data – In an Amazon Economy

It’s a classic story, the “crazy” inventor tinkering in his garage day in and day out, who suddenly becomes a household name. How many times have we heard this tale? Think back to some of the inventors such as Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse, Goodyear and Blakely. All of them operated in a similar manner. They had…
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