Petfood Solutions

the situation

Merging two well-known brands without alienating clients and employees can pose a variety of challenges. Curas, Inc. was an existing Kolbeco client, specializing in helping medical practices achieve a greater business impact with the suite of eClinicalWorks Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management solutions. In 2019, they were preparing to merge with Physician’s Trust, another well-known firm in their industry. Both were recognized as successful, fast-growing, award-winning firms in the industry.

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the strategy

It was important to both companies that their employees and clients realized this was a true merger of two well known companies, and not an acquisition. This was a merger intended to create one, larger, new business. That meant dropping the two well-established brands, and creating a new one from the ground up that would represent the combined power at play in this new entity. We needed to create an identity all employees could rally around and feel a part of.

the tactics

Every merger project comes with its own unique brand of excitement and anticipation on behalf of the client. It was our job to create and deliver a new identity that lived up to all of the ambitions and goals of the newly formed company. We used a variety of tactics to bring this vision to reality:


We worked closely with the client to develop a new name, logo, color palette and brand identity that complimented the parent company, Petfood Solutions, and allowed for future growth.


We followed our proprietary formula for creating new brand messaging that dug deep into the identity of Ero Health as a leader in their market. We developed strategic communications platforms that positioned them as the true difference makers they are for the clients they serve.


We worked to develop copy that could be used across a variety of print and digital channels that would reinforce the brand message and their position in the market.


From signage to advertising (both print and digital), we developed a campaign and messaging to communicate the product’s core values and its capabilities.


We rebranded all existing case studies from both teams, and implemented a strategy for creating new case study content that would highlight both the breadth and depth of Ero Health’s capabilities.

the results

Today, the Ero Health brand is even stronger than the two well-known companies it was born out of. As the company continues their mission to help medical practices get more value from their EHR system, We continue to support Ero Heath with thought leadership, content development, and a variety of brand-building marketing strategies.

Let’s write your success story together.