Author: Pat Watters

Empathy as the Centerpiece of Your Marketing Strategy

Sometimes, our industry gets a bad rap. But we’ve kind of earned it. We’ve peddled such fallacies as certain soaps will make you more beautiful, certain candy bars are better at satiating hunger, and certain cigarettes provide better throat protection against irritation and cough. Seriously. That one’s real. But we’ve come a long way, haven’t…
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3 Ways to Improve Social Media Marketing That Nobody Is Talking About

Let’s just start with the bad news: there’s no magic bullet for social media marketing success. There, we’ve said it. Now let’s talk about one of the biggest reasons so many marketers are dissatisfied with the results they’re seeing from their social media marketing efforts today. We’re dedicating more resources, time, and attention to social…
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The Marketer’s Guide to Strategically Using Your CEO’s LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is finally living up to the hype. Long billed as the ultimate professional network, it didn’t always feel that way. It felt more like a place people went to find a job. But little by little, LinkedIn has grown into a powerful communication tool for companies to show who they are and what they…
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