Pink, not just a color, a state of mind.

So occasionally I like to talk about trends that I’m seeing in my industry. And today one of my favorites happens to be what is, in fact, currently trending across many platforms! Can anyone guess what I might be referring to? Is it unicorns? No, although unicorns and other creatures – fantasy genre are apparently trending for 2018 as far as imagery goes, so that is something to keep in mind when you approach your digital media.

He sang about it, it’s her stage name, it stands up to breast cancer, and a lot of my persona revolves around it. Yes it’s PINK! And while it trends in my life constantly, it only more recently has made a comeback in design platforms ranging from fashion and style to advertising and marketing. Pink has gone from being a way to tell a girl from a boy in a nursery, to symbolizing girl power, elegance, strength, and security.

Pink has been a front runner in the jewelry industry over the past few years in the form of rose gold, showing up in jewelry and watches, and companies like Apple tapped into the popular color adding rose gold to it’s line up of phone  and laptop color options with overwhelming success. And believe it or not, pink isn’t just for girls anymore – Belle Canvas has pink tees amongst their “Fast Fashion” collection.  Pink can add that energy and blast of attention you need added to punch up your design work, or to add a modern look and feel.

Simply put, pink is hot. It is a trending, cross-platform, universal color spreading a lot of confidence to it’s marketers, wearers, and anyone else who finds a way to “own it”. So if you see it show up in your next campaign embrace the shine. I certainly do!