Kolbeco RAPIDFIRE: Patrick Mooney

This summer we are pleased to have Patrick as our marketing intern at Kolbeco. He is soaking up as much as he can in the few short months that he is here, and we are loving having him as part of the team. Read on, and you’ll see just how cheesy we are and how awesome he is!

Q:What attracted you to Kolbeco?

A:I see this as a fabulous opportunity to get experience outside of the classroom and see first-hand what it takes to be in the marketing field. I love the chances that I am getting to meet new people and to work on my communication skills.

Q:What has been your most interesting moment at Kolbeco?

A:Who knew that digital antennas were such a big thing? It has shown me that there are so many avenues to explore for up and coming entrepreneurs. I have spent the majority of my time working on social media and learning to find influencers. Marketing is ever-changing and the process has been interesting to learn about.

Q:What are you hoping to learn this summer?

A:My main goal is to learn and hone my skills at the art of effective communication. Each client has to be authentic when they communicate with their audience and there is an art to this – I have enjoyed learning about the process from start to finish. We start by identifying each client’s needs, in an effort to understand what they desire as an outcome, and then go through the in-depth process of putting in place protocols to get their desired outcome. I have seen this start to take shape and it has been a great learning experience.

Q:Secret skill or talent? Share with the class.

A:I love to play golf and I am even pretty darn good at it. I have loved this sport since I was little due to the influence of my grandpa and dad who are both huge golfers. I had a golf club in my hand by age 3 or 4 and I ended up loving it. My all-time favorite place to play is Algonquin but my dream place to play is Whistling Straits in Wisconsin. And just as luck would have it, we may be going this summer. It will be really cool to get to place on a course where tons of PGA tour events and even the championship have been held.

Q:The best advice you’ve ever received was:

A:When you’re new at something, listen before you talk. To be honest this skill is important even if you’re really good at something. For example, in golf, you have to be able to listen to people to tell you how to hone your swing, because you can’t see what you’re doing. You’re often reacting so you have to rely on other perspectives and listen. The other person is more knowledgeable, and they have a clearer picture of what you’re doing. This applies to life and to marketing – we need to listen to our clients before we hit the ground running.

Q:The secret to YOUR happiness is:

A:Having good people around me. I like to surround myself with people who want what’s best for others, not just me but for everyone around them. Those who are willing to think of others first will be around the longest.

Q:What would be your superpower?

A:To fly fast. I would love to go place to place really quickly

Q:What did you want to be growing up?

A:Every little kid has a dream about being president, I am no different.

Q:What song is currently on repeat in your head, car, Spotify, etc.?

A:Gumption. Little Dickie. He’s a funny rapper and the song is catchy and fun to sing to.

Q:What’s something we don’t know about you?

A:I used to play the saxophone. I started in 4th Grade. However, I didn’t continue once I got to college, I wanted to focus on meeting new people and pursuing other interests. I played in the Chaminade band from 6th grade until my junior year.

Q:What’s your guilty pleasure (food, activity, song)?

A:Dairy Queen Blizzards. Chocolate extreme is my favorite.

Q:What was the last TV show you binged?

A:Rick and Morty

Q:Describe your dream vacation (and you’re not paying for it?):

A:Skiing in the Alps. I love to ski.

Q:What gets you pumped up?

A:Music. Rap and rock. From AC/DC to Eminem.

Q:FIRST Celebrity crush?

A:Jamie Lynn Spears from Zoe 101. But I don’t keep up with celebrity stuff much anymore. Maybe Margot Robbie. That’s so obvious though. That’s everyone’s first crush who is my age.

Q:First CD you remember purchasing?

A:Not to show my age, but I downloaded my first album: The Eminem Show.

Q:Favorite color?

A:Red. But I am red green colorblind. Red blends into green. If it is standalone I can tell it’s red. I wore color correcting glasses for a while and the first time I saw red I loved it. I also have trouble with blue and purple for me because there is red in those colors, so it gets skewed. But if it’s standalone I can tell.

Q:If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

A:A penguin because I think they are cool. They slide on their bellies – what’s not to love?

Q:It’s a Saturday. Where can we find you?

A:Golf course, or on my family farm. So hopefully it’s sunny out.

Q:Favorite drink?

A:Coca cola

Q:Proudest accomplishment OUTSIDE of Kolbeco?

A:Graduating and getting into a good college.

Q:Embarrassing moment you most definitely NEED to share?

A:I will keep that one to myself.

Q:You’re on a deserted island. What 3 items do you bring with you?

A:Is there wi-fi on this desert island? Outside of food and water, give me a soccer ball to play around with, Machete to chop down trees and stuff, and of course a fishing rod.

You really don’t feel old, until someone tells you that the first album they bought was a digital download, but we love having Patrick to keep us in tune with all the things the kids these days are up to. Hope you enjoyed learning a little about him!