Kolbeco’s Favorite Moments of 2018

The holiday season always offers a great time to reflect on the year, and recall with gratitude all of the achievements, memories and shining moments we’ve experienced. As we prepare to close out the year, the Kolbeco team took the opportunity to share what we’re most proud of for 2018. Each of these shines a light on the personalities that make up this fantastic team. Each of us is unique, with diverse passions and perspectives that all come together to create greatness for all.

So grab a cup of hot tea, settle in by the fire, and enjoy our stroll down 2018 memory lane.


Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to be part of the team tasked with researching and recommending new camera and video equipment. Shortly after it arrived, we were scheduled for our first big shoot at the Police Academy for Guns N Hoses 2018 tryouts. Our client, Hair Saloon, is a longtime supporter of the event and serves as the only retail outlet for ticket sales. We were tasked with creating a video to help publicize the event and spur ticket sales. It was such an exciting place to be, and we were right in the middle of it all, interviewing participants and capturing all of the action.



My favorite memory from 2018 was building a new website for a local asphalt paving contractor.   Having a background with an asphalt company, it was great to get reconnected with the industry, fully collaborate with them on the content, and help get them excited about their new site.



My proudest moment of 2018 was when my husband and I contracted with Kolbeco to build an awesome website for our family’s business. It was wonderful to work with my place of employment on such an important aspect of our business.



My favorite moment of 2018 was preparing and taking my daughter to college at the University of Kansas.  It was bitter sweet. I have missed not having her around but I am also so excited that she is able to have this opportunity and experience.



My favorite moment was getting the chance to help a rescue revamp their website. Kristine and I worked in close collaboration to create something exciting and new, that perfectly fits the needs of the rescue and its clientele so they get more visibility and more pets into homes!



Back in May I was honored to be promoted to a new position here at Kolbeco. This is the third position I’ve held since I was hired almost two years ago, and it’s been an exciting journey of learning various aspects of marketing, discovering where my strengths lie, and progressing in new directions. I’m at an age where a lot of people are still trying to figure out what they’re doing with their life, and I am extremely thankful that I’ve not only found a job I like, but I’ve been able to grow it in, both personally and professionally.



In 2018, I assumed the position of Board Chair for the United Way of Greater St. Louis’ West Region Auxiliary Board. This role has allowed me the opportunity to lead and serve the community in a capacity I’d not previously experienced. With the support of United Way staff, we built a powerful team to maximize the organization’s presence in the community, and in the end, we raised over $5 million towards the region’s overall $76,006,420 million campaign – the largest campaign total in our history. I’m proud to be a part of such an amazing organization, one which has taught me a great deal about leadership, introduced me to new friends and mentors, and allows me to be of service, helping people live their best possible lives.



This year, I was most proud of the launch of video services here at Kolbeco. While we still work with other video production companies, this new in-house capability allowed us to capture moments in a new storytelling platform. As a PR firm, we have led the technology side as one of the first to do a lot of this in-house. We invested in 4k cameras, lighting, sound equipment, and a variety of other accessories to create high quality video. We can now tell our clients’ stories in a new and engaging way to build awareness for their brands.



My favorite 2018 moment was when my dog, Ella, won the Arch Bark photo contest and received 673 votes on Facebook for her photo in front of the Gateway Arch. We originally went to take our photos in front of the Arch to do a “We moved to St. Louis” social media post and ended up snapping a good one of her to submit to the photo contest. Then, my boyfriend, my whole family, friends near and far, former and present coworkers and I rallied to get us those “likes”. I definitely felt the love and support.  Also I had only been working at Kolbeco for a little over a month so it was awesome and heartwarming to see my new teammates share Ella’s photo too and root us on!


We hope you enjoyed this trip down 2018 memory lane as much as we did. There are so many other moments we loved (like the addition of Lewis to our Board of Dogrectors, expansion of our team with the addition of Addi and Stephanie, the day Erin and Donna from Stray Rescue went on a mission to rescue a mama cat and her kittens from the storm drains in our parking lot, watching Scott score podium positions in multiple races this year, and more), which perhaps we can visit another day.

The Kolbeco team extends our sincere gratitude for the trust and support of our clients, friends, partners and families. Together, we make these memories possible. We wish you a happy holiday season and look forward to a wonderful 2019 with you all.