Case Study: Flat World Supply Chain

The problem:

Flat World Supply Chain is an aggressively-growing third party logistics company based in O’Fallon, Mo. The partners had left their corporate jobs to pursue their passion for making the world of logistics easier to navigate. They invested heavily in technology and software development to create a seamless platform for manufacturers and growing businesses facing bottlenecks in their supply chain. With this approach, the business had grown – faster than almost all other privately held companies in the St. Louis area. The only trouble was: no one had ever heard of them. It was time to take the brand to another level.

The solution:

The first step was ironing out “the why” behind the brand and its uniqueness. After a discovery session, the companies mantra of “always finding a better way” was decided upon. Then a public relations strategy garnered attention from local and national business publications focused on the growth of the brand. Soon after, logistics industry media were also featuring the company as a success story. As more attention began to roll in, explainer videos for the brand were created to tell the story behind some of its most popular products and services.

Today, Flat World has created a brand recognition in the business community and, thanks in part to the klout of its brand story and success, continues to find ways to expand in the world of transportation.