Focus on your vision to start your adventure

Have you ever had an idea or vision for something you wanted for your business?  You might have even shared it with others as if you had full intentions of making it happen, but it never.  What kept you from taking action?  Why has your vision not become a reality yet?

For fifteen years, I’ve had a vision for a tattoo, one that has meaning and one that I have always fully intended on seeing through.  However, I had numerous reasons for why “now” was not a good time to take action.  They all seemed reasonable, until one day, fifteen years later a friend, whom I share a birthday with, said to me, “I know you have always wanted a tattoo, want to go get them on our birthday?”.  In that moment all I said was, “Yes”.  All the reasons I had over the years for not doing it simply vanished and I shifted my focus on the vision of the tattoo and how I would feel to finally see it happen. I still did not know how much it would cost or where I would go to get it done, nor how painful it would be (and it was) but I finally let go of it all and said YES.

Saying “yes” was my first step to executing my vision.

Moving forward with your vision

If you have a clear vision for your next business venture, or even an idea for how you want to make changes at your current brand, is it possible that the only thing that is standing in your way from executing is your ability to take the next step? Whether it is updating your company brand, creating a more focused brand message, building on or creating a more brand-centric website, or moving your products online, many of these activities come with a list of unknowns that could be used as reason not to act today.

What if it is as simple as just saying “yes” today?  Remember that this is no crystal ball when it comes to life and that there are many unknowns. However, the first step to shifting those unknowns to knowns is to execute on your vision.  By just moving your focus from the what ifs, to what can I do NOW and not allow all the particulars stand in your way, you are no longer allowing all the details weigh you down and ultimately hold you back. There is freedom when you let go of the no’s and take the first step to making your dream a reality.

There is no doubt that making a big change to your business brand can be scary and seem very permanent, but often the reward is worth the risk when you take a chance on something or try something new. If you’re committed to that “yes”, there are resources, just give us a call and let’s make a plan to achieve it.  Let’s face it, success is never an option when you remain stagnant.