Kolbeco RAPIDFIRE: Addi Harmon

You may have encountered this firecracker climbing on chairs to take photos, creating entertaining videos for your social media channels, or coming up with engaging campaigns to reach your audience online. That’s because when it comes to being social, Addi is all in! You can routinely find her with laptop and iPhone in hand (and sometimes with a small dog in tow), hashing out ideas with the Kolbeco team, texting photo opps to clients, and gathering props to add color, character and style to every image she creates. She’s energetic. She’s fun. She’s the one and only, Addi Harmon!

Q:What attracted you to Kolbeco?

A:After my first interview, I loved it here. Throughout the interview process as I met everyone, I felt like these were all people I’d like to work with. And I do! I was also on board with our values, because being guided by a belief system is something that’s really important to me. One of our values that’s most present for me is to be an explorer. I knew this was an environment where I’d get to try new things and pursue my passions in a way that was beneficial for the company. I’m happy that I’m on a path that I feel I’m well suited for.

Q:What are your favorite moments at Kolbeco?

A:There are so many fun moments at Kolbeco. We have a lot of fun meetings, both internally and with clients. Yesterday, for example, we met with a client and as soon as 4:00 rolled around, the whole staff came into the office where we were meeting with beer, wine and games. It’s awesome to feel so much a part of our client teams.

I also love our inspiration board meetings. We gather and the account lead shares the new project with the team. We bounce ideas around and all get to be a part of sharing our perspective on what would make the project and client successful. Even if one of us comes with a random thought or half-cooked idea, the team is there to talk it through and help develop it. Since we’ve implemented that process, it’s not only resulted in greater work, it’s made each of us a contributor to that work and more connected to each client we serve.

Q:What inspires you to work with clients, what have you learned from clients?

A:I love when I can get clients excited about what we’re working on. It’s fun to go from a concept and start working on it where everyone is engaged. When I can get them excited it’s really fun because you can feel the energy shift. I learn a lot from clients every day. I get to do things here that I never thought I’d be doing. I never would have imagined coming up with the kinds of campaigns we’re doing for our clients, and their receptivity to our ideas. You also get exposed to things and people you never would have encountered.

Q:What do you do when you’re not at work?

A:I like to hang out with my roommate, Anna, and our dog Rhaego. I also spend time in Grafton IL, boating and wake boarding.

Q:Secret skill or talent? Share with the class.

A:I can take pictures, but everyone knows that! Here’s something everyone may not know, and that’s sort of unique about me: I can play the piano but I can’t read music. I learned to play piano by ear when I was little. When I was in lessons I could hear a song and play it back, but I can’t sit down with a piece of music and play it.

I also like to decorate – rooms and houses, but parties are my favorite. I use pinterest boards a lot to get inspiration, and am always stocked up on party supplies that I buy from the dollar aisle at target.

Q:The best advice you’ve ever received was:

A:Always allow people think it’s their idea. As I say that, it sounds manipulative but it’s really not. My intent is always to empower others to have a part in the idea. I don’t have to or want to take credit for an idea, and most of the time, it’s collaborative and that’s when it’s most fun and productive.

Q:The secret to YOUR happiness is:

A:Having fun, being creative and being passionate about what I’m doing. And the secret to this is having the freedom to be creative and think of the ideas. My mom had to get me a leash when I was three years old at sea world. I’m unrestrainable and that’s what makes me free to be creative. I’m at my best when I’m not on a leash!

Q:What would be your superpower?

A:I’d like to be able to fly, and there’s a reason for that. I don’t want to have to spend time driving and never really want to drive again. (I just got rear-ended on the highway and my car was totaled). But flying would also allow me to be totally unrestrained. There isn’t a leash long enough to restrain me if I’m flying!

Q:What did you want to be growing up?

A:I wanted to be a singer. I can do karaoke and I usually stay on pitch, unless I can’t hear myself.

Q:What song is currently on repeat in your head, car, Spotify, etc.?

A:God is a Woman, Ariana Grande’s new song. It’s a fun song. I love her because she is fun to follow on social media. I love that she stands for things like equality, and tries to do good through everything.

Q:What’s something we don’t know about you?

A:I used to play in dance recitals when I was little. I like to snow ski, a lot. It’s my favorite hobby that I don’t get to do a lot. I love to ski in the mountains. The mountains are beautiful and the towns are fun with so much to do

Q:What’s your guilty pleasure (food, activity, song)?

A:Watching the Bachelor in Paradise. I started watching with my roommate. The dialog and the drama are so absurd, and that makes it fun to watch. My roommate provides commentary so it’ s doubly entertaining for me.

Q:What do you need for survival?

A:Coffee, mascara, my computer and my phone. The last two keep me connected to everyone and everything I want to be connected to, like my social media, emails, texts, and internet. I’m always surfing the web. I’ve been on a computer since I was 5. When I got my laptop when I went to college, my boyfriend told me I was like the guy in HER with his computer. It’s a real relationship going on here. I’m in a committed relationship with my trackpad.

Q:What was the last TV show you binged?

A:I’ve been binging on How I Met Your Mother. I got hooked on it when my friends started watching it because they always have it on.

Q:Describe your dream vacation (and you’re not paying for it?):

A:Mediterranean Sea, on a yacht.

Q:What gets you pumped up?

A:I’m pumped when I get really excited about a project I’m working on and when we’re all having fun doing it together.

Q:Celebrity crush:

A:Liam Hemsworth

Q:FIRST Celebrity crush:

A:Zach Effron

Q:First CD you remember purchasing:

A:Backstreet Boys. I was 5.

Q:Favorite quote:

A:I can and I will. Watch me

Q:Favorite color:


Q:You’re going on a shopping spree, where can we find you?

A:I shop online a lot, mostly at Forever 21, Addidas and Lululemon. Or in Sephora because it’s the one place I can’t shop online

Q:If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

A:My roommate’s dog Rhaego because he’s so happy, so much energy and a spoiled brat. He has a big personality for a small dog.

Q:It’s a Saturday. Where can we find you?

A:On the river, in Grafton, or at Trops.

Q:Favorite drink?

A:The blue slushie at Trops.

Q:Proudest accomplishment OUTSIDE of Kolbeco?

A:Graduating college.

Q:Embarrassing moment you most definitely NEED to share?

A:I do a lot of embarrassing things.

Q:You’re on a deserted island. What 3 items do you bring with you?

A:Pedialyte, protein shakes, my phone.

Q:Dogs in the office, thoughts?

A:I love it. It’s amazing. I love them and they make me and everyone else happy. I bring Rhaego, and I like to take pictures of all the dogs and post them on social media. At first my friends kept asking me where I was with all those dogs. Now they know and talk about me working at “the dog place.”  I brag about it and people are jealous.

There she is, friends. The unleashable, ever social and always fun Addi! She shares her smile and enthusiasm everywhere she goes, is always ready to snap a photo, and will always capture your “good side.” Stay tuned for our next RAPIDFIRE!