Kolbeco’s Jeremy Nulik Presents “Start with The Why” at the St. Louis Business Expo

So many entrepreneurs and marketers feel like their ideas and their business don’t get any respect. From the media to employees and even spouses (respectively), they face constant negativity, and, even worse, boredom.

But those same entrepreneurs also have difficulty crafting their story in a way that would demand any respect. The path to greater success of any idea or project begins first in the way in which its story is told.

Come check out Jeremy Nulik’s presentation at the St. Louis Business Expo. Here are the details:

Start with The Why (Or How You Can Control Your Brand’s Destiny)
St. Charles Convention Center
Wednesday, April 8 @1:30 PM

During this seminar you will learn:

  • The elements of a great story.
  • Why knowing “the why” matters.
  • Why you have the power to take hold of your own branding.

Also, take a look at all of the other outstanding seminars that will be taking place throughout the day. The seminar and the St. Louis Business Expo are free to attend.

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