Outfitting Racers and Spectators for the 2017 Gateway Cup

Four iconic neighborhoods in St. Louis. Thousands of cyclists and spectators. It’s the Big Shark Gateway Cup, and it’s got some of the coolest swag in town.

Once again this year, Kolbeco teamed up with Big Shark to outfit teams and cycling supporters with t-shirts, jerseys and hats, and update event signage to create a memorable backdrop for the annual race which takes place in Lafayette Square, Francis Park, The Hill and Benton Park over Labor Day weekend. The race has a little something for everyone from fun races for the kids, to top-of-the-line professional racing teams that pass onlookers at breakneck speeds. It’s exciting to watch, and just as much fun to pick out your swag as a souvenir from the event. And if you’re a racer, you get to add to your collection of bike jerseys!

Team Pastaria

To kick things off we were excited to help Team Pastaria with a new jersey and some team wear for future events and rides. We kept the logo front and center and added some accents for a wow factor that matched the existing riding shorts team members already had. We also designed a tshirt, trucker style hat and sweatshirt for chilly days.

Team Pastaria

Team Multiple Sharkosis

Multiple Sharkosis is Big Shark’s team which rides Bike MS each year, raising funds to help find a cure and support those with Multiple Sclerosis. This year, we made some updates to the team jerseys. Not drifting from their already cool look, colors were reformatted to give the jerseys a fresh look and new life. We were really happy with the results.

Mike Weiss

Gateway Cup Event Swag

This year, we simplified the direction and created a family of designs with a like-minded approach. Each design had a similar look and feel, while uniquely identifying with its represented neighborhood and a cycling element. A vibrant color ink on a heathered canvas was used for most of the shirts, with exception to Benton Park. Additionally The Hill was given a shirt option that was not created within the family of designs. Regarding fonts, we chose Century Gothic family for a clean element, and Brush Script to add motion.

For our “Families” we represented the following:

  • Lafayette Square: Fleur de les/ Handle bars
  • Francis Park: Leaf/Cycling pack
  • The Hill Version 1: Column/Crank
  • Benton Park: Star anchor/Gear
Big Shark Gateway CupBig Shark Gateway CupBig Shark Gateway CupBig Shark Gateway CupBig Shark Gateway Cup

Talk about a lot of cool apparel! These projects were a big success across the board. We received tons of great feedback from event goers and riders, and even saw some folks who couldn’t wait to sport their new gear and were already wearing the shirts at the event. That is always such an amazing compliment for a designer. Mike Weiss, thanks for letting us be a part of such a amazing event, and to the rest of you…see you next year!