Kolbeco – PR for the 50 Carat Emerald in St. Louis

Kolbeco – PR for the 50 Carat Emerald in St. Louis
October 17, 2005
Kolbeco Marketing and Public Relations
had the honor of performing the PR for a 50 carat emerald that visited St. Louis client Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelry this month. The emerald, which is one of the most rare gems in the world, is currently on tour and will make its final home at the Smithsonian in 2007. Neustaedter’s was the only Missouri jeweler to host the event.

During the emerald’s 3 day visit to St. Louis, Kolbeco organized media spots with TV, radio and print. Scott Kolbe traveled with the emerald entourage, which included:

World Reknowned Emerald Expert, and owner of the gem, Arthur Groom

Event Host Richard Neustaedter, owner of Neustaedter’s Fine Jewelry

A Security Detail which featured 3 armed guards

The emerald itself, which was wrapped in one of three packages traveling with the guards — no one knew which package included the emerald until each was unwrapped.

Media exposure for the event included in-studio spots with KTRS radio on the Morning Show with Bill Wilkerson, and Newschannel 5’s Noon News Program with Art Holliday and Jennifer Blome. KMOV Channel 4 and KPLR Channel 11 performed on-site interviews with Neustaedter and Groom. St. Louis Post Dispatch featured the event in Deb Petersen’s column and in Lisa Jones Townsel’s fashion column, in the South County Times, and in Sauce Magazine’s Daily Sauce.

“Doing the media relations for the event was a fascinating experience,” said Scott Kolbe. “The security and careful planning that went into the coordination of it all was a story in and of itself. We were excited to be a part of it.”

Back at Neustaedter’s, the emerald was housed in a locked case and again, was closely watched by the armed guards. Lauren Kolbe, pictured above with Arthur Groom, had the pleasure of holding the gem and speaking with Mr. Groom about its origins.