Kolbe strikes out on her own

Kolbe strikes out on her own
October 18, 2002 St. Louis Business Journal
Small Talk
By: Ron Janecke

Lauren Kolbe, who had been a partner in the marketing and public relations firm The Davis Group, has opened her own company, Kolbeco Marketing Resources in St. Charles County.

Kolbe joined The Davis Group in September 2000 after losing her job following the closing of Henges Manufacturing Co. where she was the marketing director.

Kolbe, 29, incorporated her firm August 8 and said she has retained the client base she had at The Davis Group and expanded it. Her clients are primarily small businesses in St. Charles and St. Louis counties, which have limited budgets and no time to do their own marketing.

“I learned at Henges how to work with a limited amount of money and make the most of a small budget,” Kolbe said. “It was good experience for dealing with these small companies with the same situations.”