Kolbeco’s Pet Friendly Policy Featured in Redbook

Kolbeco’s pet friendly office policy has landed a spot in the June issue of Redbook Magazine. When asked by a reporter “Do pets belong in the workplace,” Kolbeco founder Lauren Kolbe answered a resounding YES:

“Pets absolutely belong in the workplace! We have a minimum of four dogs in the office, and we also invite our clients to bring their dogs for meetings. Having dogs here is a huge icebreaker for new clients: One of our office dogs came into the conference room and sat in a chair right next to a new client to ‘participate’ in the meeting. Everyone had a laugh, and it set the tone for a more open and personal relationship with that client. Do they sometimes act up? Of course – but don’t we all?”

All four dogs who are part of the Kolbeco team were rescued:

Coco Puff – rescued from a puppy mill by Chow Rescue of St. Louis
Miles – rescued from the streets of East St. Louis by Stray Rescue
Scarlett – stray rescued by the APA
Trixie – stray rescued from the streets by a friend of Katie Brady

Kolbeco encourages the support of animal shelters and rescue groups. It’s not unusual to find a foster dog among the ranks of the Kolbeco pack. Kolbeco dogs can be found lying around the office, greeting guests, and playing enthusiastically with their toys which are typically scattered in offices and the hallways.

Kolbeco is a full-service Marketing and Public Relations firm focusing on small and medium-sized businesses in a variety of industries, including construction, technology, manufacturing, consumer goods, and professional services. Kolbeco has been named one of the top PR firms in St. Louis by the St. Louis Business Journal from 2006-2008, and earned a spot on the 2008 List of Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in St. Louis. Kolbeco provides strategic planning, advertising, graphic design, direct mail, web design, special events, and a full range of public relations services. For more information, please call 636-379-3895 or visit Kolbeco online at www.kolbeco.net.