Kolbeco’s support of Stray Rescue is featured in latest issue of St. Louis Small Business Monthly

In the June issue of St. Louis Small Business Monthly, Kolbeco Marketing Resources was highlighted for their continual effort to help create a world where every dog has a place to call home.

Through their love of animals and their passion for promoting positive social change, Kolbeco has teamed with Stray Rescue in an effort to protect man’s best friend.

Co-owners of Kolbeco, Lauren & Scott Kolbe, have been dog lovers for many years, but when Art Director, Erin Celuch joined the team in 2007 she inspired them to take their efforts to another level. Over the last 5 years, Celuch has fostered and rehabilitated 28 dogs, all of which spent their days in the office with the Kolbeco team.

Other Kolbeco team members have also served as foster parents, and Scott serves as a guide for Four Directions Hiking, Stray Rescue’s group of volunteers who take shelter dogs out on local hikes to get much needed exercise and socialization.

Aside from fostering dogs, the Kolbeco team spearheads their annual Frills for Furbabies drive to benefit Stray Rescue of St. Louis. 2011 marked the third year for the holiday drive, which is focused on gathering items for the Stray Rescue shelters as well as monetary donations to help cover the medical expenses for sick, injured and abused dogs.

Kolbeco is more than a dog friendly office. It is a sanctuary for the unwanted, sick and the mistreated.  The Kolbeco abode is a place where all dogs are welcomed—no matter where they came from!

If you would like to know more about Kolbeco’s efforts or how you can help, you can visit www.strayrescue.org or call 314.771.6121