When I was too connected…

When I was too connected…
May 24, 2004 From the St. Louis Business Journal

Scott Kolbe, 30
Sales Specialist

When I was too connected…
I began a new job with a software company in the mid-90’s that relied heavily on e-mail communications. I had just started working on a project with the IT director of a manufacturing company here in town. When we met, I noticed an e-mail address on his business card. I offered to e-mail him the proposal and additional documentation, and follow up with him the following week. He agreed to this plan.

The next week, I e-mailed several times and received no response. I then called to learn he was out of town. When I finally reached the prospect the following week, I found that he never read my e-mail – he received so many e-mails in a day that he chose which ones to read. He did not recognize my return address in his inbox, so he never opened the message. He did, however, receive a hard copy of the proposal from my competitor. They got the order, I didn’t.

What I learned from this experience is that e-mail is a good method of communication with some people and not with others. Also, when a document contains complex information, you lose the impact and the importance of the document by e-mailing it. Today, I deliver all important materials in person.