100 pets, 100,000 dollars, a million dollar marketing plan

Sometimes a well executed social campaign can go a long way – and in the case of Coors Light, a REALLY LONG WAY.

On the heels of Kansas City Chief’s player Derrick Nnaid’s declaration to pay all the adoption fees for the 91 animals in a Kansas City animal shelter he supports, Coors Light decided to jump on the bandwagon and offer to reimburse up to $100 to anyone across the country (over the age of 21) who adopts an animal from a shelter/rescue between now and Feb 21 – up to 1,000 animals.

So let me break this down quickly for you. 100 pets, so they spent $100,000. $100k is a drop in the bucket for a company like Coors

That’s $100,000 for free publicity that is still growing like wildfire. Since launching this social media campaign today, they have already exceeded 100k shares, and been picked up by news outlets around the country.

Now chances are they will reach the $100,000 cap by the end of the day today. And while their gesture is not quite as personal and heartfelt as Mr. Nnaid’s, they certainly struck while the iron was hot and just turned their $100k into priceless media coverage getting their brand front and center.

The moral of this story? Social media works. Don’t get too hung up on the upfront dollar amount – it’s the end of the day tally that counts. And we well timed campaign can be priceless!