For the Love of Flat Lays

It’s not an uncommon scene to witness me wandering the halls of Kolbeco, popping into offices and asking questions like: Do you have a pair of fuzzy slippers? How about an orange marker? Who has a football? Where are the Doritos and beer?

At first, my team members at Kolbeco would laugh, or look at me like I was crazy. They were understandably perplexed by my random requests for objects, and watching me raid their offices, refrigerator, and storage closets to create odd collections. Then they got used to it, realizing there was a method to my madness, and that madness is the flat lay. Before you allow your mind to wander to the gutter, allow me to expand on what I mean by this. The flat lay is a photo technique that’s become a huge trend, creeping up on us over the last few years and present in nearly every brand’s digital footprint.

A flat lay is a unique shot, taken from overhead with props that are creatively styled. Each piece in the flat lay serves a specific purpose, whether it’s to add a shape, color or complementary item into the scene. But that’s not the end of the fun, or my team members’ comedic enjoyment of my office antics. Once everything is laid out just so, it’s time for me to get up on a chair, ladder, or flight of stairs to get the perfect shot. Watching me prep for a flay lay shoot and take the photos has become quite the entertainment around the office.

If you can’t tell, I love the flat lay, and for good reasons! Here’s why I love flat lay photography so much, and why you can and should be using this method for your brand.

It’s Thumb Stopping

Currently, all social media platforms are highly saturated with marketers trying to shove their latest coupon at their followers. Consumer interest in brands on these platforms is quickly dwindling every day. The visual appeal of a flat lay has “Thumb-stopping” power over users scrolling through their feeds at a lightning pace. The clean and unique aesthetic of this shot captures the attention of viewers, and gets their eyes on the content that you want them to see. Whether it is a click through image on Facebook to a blog post or an Instagram featuring new products, this shot has the ability to gain the interest of your audience.

It’s a new way to show off

The flat lay is an innovative way to show off the obvious, your products and tangibles…but most importantly this is an opportunity to convey your brand’s personality! In the social media world, it’s becoming imperative to humanize your brand. This is a great way to communicate those subliminal messages you want your audience to get.