Multi-Purpose Your Great Ideas

Coming up with a great idea or concept for your social media and content marketing efforts takes time, critical thinking and brainstorming. After all, good strategy demands that content is engaging, speaks to your audience, and produces results for your brand. Producing those great ideas is a significant responsibility.

What if there was a way to better leverage those great ideas, get more exposure for them, and reach more of your audience in different ways? The great news is – there is! That’s what we at Kolbeco call multi-purposing, or re-purposing, your content!

Why Multi-Purpose Your Content

If you’re in marketing, you know that not everyone consumes content in the same way. Different groups of consumers have different preferences for content. That’s where multi-purposing your content comes in. It allows you to attract and retain audience members with different types of consumption habits, but with virtually the same message. You get more exposure for the message and increase the number of engagements for your brand.

How to Multi-Purpose Your Content

You’ve come up with a brilliant idea for a message to broadcast your brand to the target audience. Great work! It probably took a great deal of strategy and brainpower to develop it, so get it out there in more ways than one, and don’t let it be a one-hit wonder. That single idea can live on your company blog, and broadcast through social media. It can be transformed into images or motivational quotes to inspire your audience. It can be scripted into a series of informational videos and podcasts. You could even do a blooper reel of funny outtakes. You can tease your content in advance to build hype and let your audience know what to expect. The list of options never ends.

This single idea can be your content theme for the month (or even the quarter if it has enough legs) and drive all digital communication with your audience for that period of time.

At Kolbeco, for example, our mission is to be a catalyst for confidence and shine. We use our social media strategy to help instill that in our team members and in our clients. It’s so important to us, that we’ve chosen it to be the theme for all content that will be featured until the end of June. We’ll be using that concept to share images, experiences, ideas, quotes, blogs and more across all of our social channels. This is helpful because it gives our audience a feel for what’s going on in our culture and lives at this point in time. They know what to expect, and they can anticipate what’s coming next. They’re building deeper and more meaningful relationships with us, and that creates confidence and shine.

Have a grand idea that you’d like to multi-purpose but not sure where to start? We can help give you the confidence you need to shine in your industry.



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