Ten Things I Hate About You, Facebook

It’s the social media platform we love to hate, and I’d venture to guess that we all have a bi-polar relationship with the almighty Facebook. We love seeing photos of our best friend’s children at the pumpkin patch. We can’t wait to hear about family members getting engaged, having babies, or moving into a new home. We log on religiously to see what we’ve missed since our last rendezvous. Sometimes we hate ourselves for our obsession with it.

Like you, I find myself in a universe of things I love to hate, and hate to love about Facebook. There are just as many days I exclaim how much Facebook sucks as there are days that I’m excited about some gem or piece of news I’ve encountered there.

As a user and a marketer, I find Facebook to be a powerful yet temperamental force to reckon with. I manage its change and technical difficulties on a daily basis. I miss things that I want so badly to be involved in. And I’m constantly asking (and being asked) why? Why will this work? Why won’t it work? Why doesn’t Facebook allow that? Why can’t we target that audience anymore? Why did I miss the photos of the twins’ First Communion? Why am I seeing this ad? Why did my post not publish? My team and I generally have the answers to these questions, and sometimes, things are just a big mystery that we can’t control.

This is the world we’ve come to accept. But this acceptance cohabitates with frustration and a dependence that we tend to embrace. As I pondered, I couldn’t help but start rhyming up my grievances Kat Stratford– style. So allow me to stand in front of the class and boldly declare my feelings about my rocky relationship with my dear Facebook.

I hate the way you suck me in
and the way you show me posts
I hate the way you change my feeds
I hate your disfunction most

I hate it that you know me so well
and taunt me with a purse to buy
I hate that you always move things around
some days it makes me cry

I hate missing updates I want to see most
I hate that you decide
I hate you on days that you don’t work
and make me waste my time

I hate that I depend on you
to broadcast all that’s new
I love-hate all the data you collect
allowing us marketers to target our crew

I hate that you can be manipulated
to share fake news and lies
I hate that you must take away features
to cause the misuse to subside

But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you
Not always
Sometimes a little bit
Often not even at all

I lost count, but I think that’s more than ten … and there are many more where these came from. Do you love to hate and hate to love Facebook as much as I do? What’s on your top ten list?