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Five Kolbeco Clients Who Transformed Their Business in 2020

Every year comes with its struggles and opportunities. No year is completely good or bad. But 2020 had a way of challenging that positive, glass-half-full mentality. And while it was likely one of the most difficult 366 day-periods (thanks a lot, leap year) we’ve gone through, hard times have a way of getting us all…
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How Erica Got Her Groove Back

It happens to all of us at some point. We get in a funk, whether it be an emotional, physical, mental or work related, these funks are bound to happen at some point. Our friend Dan Duffy recently wrote a Huffington Post article about his case of writers block that lasted him nearly 6 months.…
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Moving Past the Three Most Common Barriers to Accomplishing Your Goals

In today’s fast paced and connected world, it has become easy for people to get distracted and give up on their dreams. We all face those moments. When was the last time you had a dream or a vision for something you wanted to accomplish? At the time, chances are you truly believed you had…
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Is Your Picture Worth Ten Thousand Words?

I’ve always had a special love of visual content in marketing. Images helping to tell a story. And the truth is, visual content is in the backdrop and forefront of our lives constantly – helping us choose a product, convey our feelings or say something about us. And in today’s ever changing technological world, visual…
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Are Those Colors and Fonts Helping You Reach Your Audience?

It occurred to me today that I had what I felt was a good topic series for a blog called “Why’d you do that?” to help give folks a little insight into the maddening world of a creative. For those who think we put things together with no rhyme or reason, believe it or not,…
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What Exactly DO you DO? Lofts at Euclid Case Study

As a creative girl in a creative world, my daily work fluxuates amongst projects of all shapes and sizes. We Kolbeco designers work on tasks as small as resizing ads, and as large as full-blown campaigns where an ad is only a small sliver of the work that goes into it. Many times these projects will…
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Transform Your Office into a Den of Creativity for $200 (or Less)

Every child is an artist, singer, painter or dancer. Before they reach 8 years old, many describe their top passions with some form of creative expression. Of course these are not delusions of grandeur. These people, though they may be young, are generally packed with an unashamed passion for art and creativity. Oddly, when these…
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How Far Can You Push Your Creative?

How far could our creative team go to give people a chuckle? How far would the client be willing to go?

A Modern Day Mad Men Moment

There is an underestimated value in what can happen when tangible marketing collateral is at the forefront of a branding effort. There is something to that Mad Men approach of rolling out a piece of creative work.

Back to School: Teachers Who Inspired Us

At KolbeCo, we consider ourselves to be constant learners – always remaining open to new ideas and methods. It has been a key part of our success. Here is our personal tribute to the teachers who have inspired us.