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Are Those Colors and Fonts Helping You Reach Your Audience?

It occurred to me today that I had what I felt was a good topic series for a blog called “Why’d you do that?” to help give folks a little insight into the maddening world of a creative. For those who think we put things together with no rhyme or reason, believe it or not,…
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Design Trends: Is Print Dead or Alive?

When I toured the Art Institute at Streets of St. Charles, I had no idea what to expect. When I think of artists, I always envision them with paint brushes sitting by a stream drawing happy trees. Yet this particular tour showed me how wrong my preconceived notions were. I got to learn more about…
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The Professional Business Card

I want to address the “business card”. Recently, a card was handed to me that literally made me pause for a second after the guy left (a guy who, like so many others, ignored the non-solicitation sign in our front window).

Kolbeco Wins Four 2011 MarCom Awards

November 7, 2011, St. Louis – For the fourth year in a row, Kolbeco has been honored with several MarCom Awards for marketing and public relations initiatives over the past year. The international competition, which recognizes outstanding creative achievement by marketing and communications professionals, included over 6000 entries from corporate marketing departments, advertising agencies, PR…
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