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Taking Back Control of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Institute has a mantra they preach: “Don’t Build on Rented Land.” What exactly does that mean? It means you should never make a social media profile on a platform that you have no control over the centerpiece of your content marketing strategy. Why not? Because the future is unpredictable, and there’s no guarantee…
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Email marketing: How to get your needle found in a haystack

Currently, I have 4,737 unread emails in my personal inbox. I wish I could say I was lying, but what good would that do? Obviously, I am a junk collector and I suspect I am not completely alone in this…. or maybe I am, but I think we can all relate. We get bombarded with…
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Eight Expert Recommendations for the Hottest Marketing Tactic

Many businesses are turning away from traditional forms of marketing – direct mail and print advertisements to focus time and money on email marketing. These businesses are more willing to embrace what’s new and hot in marketing in the hopes of reaching their target audience.