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Quit Your Obsession with Marketing to Millennials

I’m not a typical Millennial. At 24 years old, I purchased my first house. I pay bills with checks instead of online or automatic bill pay. And I think it’s safe to say that I am at least somewhat compassionate and am interested in helping the community, which doesn’t sound like a self-entitled narcissist like…
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The Secret to Marketing to Millennials: Stop Marketing to “Millennials”

The hot topic in journalism and marketing is figuring out how to appeal to Millennials these days. The problem is that 80 million people can’t all feel the same. In fact, they don’t. Yet marketers are strategizing as though Millennials have the same psychographics and belief system.

Confessions of a Tattooed Marketing Professional

One of the first negative responses I received about my tattoos happened when I was at Missouri State University. I was walking back to my dorm room when a woman threw (literally) a paperback of the New Testament at me. She told me my tattoos were a ticket to Hell. I thought, “You know me because I have tattoos?”