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Six Top Tips for Building Good Partnerships with the Media

The feeling never gets old. You’ve done the homework, crafted the pitches, and identified the right outlets and contacts for your story. You reach out … and then you wait. Then something magical happens. You’ve landed the story! There’s an adrenalin rush and you strive to get that producer, reporter or editor everything she needs.…
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It’s Cool to Be “Old School”

At Kolbeco, there are certain things in PR we like to keep Old School. No, I don’t mean listening to some 80’s R&B on a tape deck. We’re not drawing out branding strategies on a Lite-Brite. And none of us is wearing Parachute Pants (at least TO the office). Here, Old School means honoring the…
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How biased is the media?

I hear it a lot. In person, on social media, on talk shows. Regardless of what side of the political spectrum you find yourself on, you think the media is biased. During election season, the discussions become more frequent and more heated. Right now, we’re in a firestorm of accusations of media bias. I’m in…
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5 Ways to be Discovered

I was in an unfamiliar city in a historic building, exploring the space with a reporter I’d only emailed and communicated with over the phone. As we reached yet another floor, our elevator opened to a darkened space. Rows of abandoned desks were visible. A space that I can imagine was once alive with so…
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The Secret to Creating Your Own PR Luck

You open the Wall Street Journal, and you can’t believe its happened again. That competitor you despise is once again receiving undue attention. And you know he is just full of it. He hasn’t invested in his offering like you have. And you have been there to pick up the pieces when he has left…
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Traditional PR Wisdom is F-Dash-Dash-Dash-ing Destroyed

The journalist in me wants your truth. And the PR guy in me wants your confidence. And, if you decide to unleash f-bombs or you say something inaccurate out of emotion, I would rather clean it up than ask you to lie.

Remembering Rick

Today, I sit at my desk with tears in my eyes writing about a man who wrote so much about the businesses – and people behind the businesses – in the St. Louis area. Rick Desloge was a crafty and witty storyteller who had the ability to see things in a way the rest of…
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