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Brand Engagement: Is Your Brand Binge-Worthy?

Just one more episode ….. We’ve all been there. You know you should be going to bed, doing laundry, hitting the gym, or engaging in something more constructive that gluing your eyeballs to a screen. But we can’t help ourselves. We’re in the age of binging on some new television series everyone is buzzing about,…
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“Copy That”, Otherwise Known as Words.

When approaching marketing collateral, web or advertising pieces, copy will play an important role. What you say, and how you say it, can make or break your piece. It can affect the designer and how they interpret what you want to convey from a visual aspect. It can also effect how audience receives the information…
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Making Your Life, and Brand, Colorful

A fun part of any design process is choosing color. Color will play an important role in many aspects of your marketing and will be very useful when used effectively. For this particular blog I want to talk a little about color and color accents. And no, this is not a Pinterest blog, we’re not…
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